It’s not easy to make something simple.
Weiguo’s diverse and unique set up provides integrated product design for manufacturing and marketability.


Weiguo provides consolidation services from its Zhuhai Free Trade Zone facility in Southern China.


We strive to understand as much as we can about your project and parts requirement from the initial design and prototype stages through to production tooling and final manufacture.


Weiguo’s experience in plastics, silicone, metal fabrication, electronics, LED lighting and textiles will bring your product idea to reality.

quality control

We employ ISO 9001 systems throughout the supply chain to prevent the inherent snow ball effect that originates from the variability of components and processes in mass production.

free trade zone

The Free Trade Zone (FTZ) allows bonded processing and warehousing of goods to be classified, labeled, repackaged and other value-add processing applied.