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We will determine and provide you with the best technology solutions 

We strive to understand as much as we can about your project and parts requirements from the initial design and prototype stages through to production tooling and final manufacture.  We specialize in Lean Manufacturing and Mass-Customization projects. The Free Trade Zone Facility provides flexible in-house assembly while using the best available sub-suppliers. Integrated Project and Quality Management ensure maintenance of Chain of Custody.


Weiguo’s Manufacturing

Rapid Prototyping

We use our range of in-house 3D Systems SLA prototyping equipment to create accurate, detailed parts and prototypes, helping you to beat your competition to market with the highest quality, most innovative ideas you have ever conceived!

Mechanical Structure Design

  • We can create, convert, or modify your conventional drawings or design ideas into 3D CAD solid models.
  • A generated CAD solid model can then be used to create three-dimensional physical objects by either CNC or SLA.
  • We provide professional tooling advice during every step of the way to turn your designs into the most efficiently produced physical models.

Reverse Engineering

  • We will scan your parts and convert them into points, polygons, surfaces and solid CAD models.
  • Our team provides exceptional solutions to a diverse range of industry sectors including: toys, automotive, ornament, furniture, and consumer products

Mockup Service

  • Our technicians can provide enhanced mockups to best represent your final product vision.
    • Printing (silkscreen, pad, etc)
    • Special effect printing (rubber coating, PU gloss coating, etc)
    • Electroplating
    • Chrome
    • Laser cutting
    • Texture engraving

PU Casting

  • By using a SLA prototype as the master pattern an RTV (silicon rubber) tool is created.
  • Urethane is poured into the tool cavity to create multiple identical parts with production-like material properties.
  • Since the tool is flexible, undercuts and difficult geometries are easily cast.
  • RTV molding is ideal for marketing samples or where fewer than 100 plastic parts need to be created without the expense of an injection mold tool.
  • Transparent acrylic property
  • ABS property
  • PP property
  • Soft rubber property
  • Zinc alloy
  • Metal insert
  • Soft material insert

Reaction Injection Molding

  • Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) is a process whereby a fast-reacting PU (polyurethane) resin is low-pressure injected into a mold for low cost, small to medium volume parts production.
  • This is a cold injection process that does not require preheating of molds or post-curing of castings.
  • The process can provide large parts with a typical wall thickness of 2-3 mm, such as automotive bumpers, instrument panels, door liners, and electronic enclosures and from a variety of tooling systems including resin composites, tooling board, and Aluminum (depending on size and volumes).
  • Loose cores allow for undercuts and boss features to be accommodated in the finished molding and inserts can be molded-in or post-fitted.

Rapid Tooling

  • Typically, we use indirect processes for rapid tooling, often with a pattern generated via the rapid prototype system.
    For epoxy tooling, Aluminum filled with Rencast 2000 epoxy is cast into a pattern.
  • Generally, this process requires (7) days to complete.

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