Weiguo provides consolidation services from its Zhuhai Free Trade Zone facility in Southern China


Weiguo manages all aspects of bringing a product to market

We address the unique shipment and delivery requirements of multiple B2B sales channels, including retail, distribution centers, end customers, and even other manufacturers. Specify your pick, pack, and ship, retail compliance, and demand planning requirements so we can tailor a program to fit your needs, while you focus on your product and brand’s development only as You can. 

Weiguo’s start-up-friendly services are flexible to minimize costs and distractions and can be easily modified as you grow global sales. The 40,000 sq feet facility includes offices, bonded warehouse, and custom assembly & packaging areas, all securely monitored by CCTV.

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Our Presence

Our experience benefits clients because we are able to better understand their problems and needs and to develop solutions that work, all at a lower cost to them. Our bottom floor as of 07.15.2012 became our light manufacturing floor and distribution center.

In selling our own SPOTLIGHT brand we have discovered that there are four market silos where SPOTLIGHT can be sold to. Through those markets, we’ve been able to have a global presence in over 25 different territories. Territories include, but are not limited to:

  • N. America (US / Canada / Mexico)
  • S. America (Venezuela / Colombia / Argentina / Chile)
  • United Kingdom (UK / Scotland / Ireland)
  • France
  • Germany / Liechtenstein / Austria / Switzerland
  • Russia
  • South Africa
  • ASIA (Singapore / Thailand / Malaysia / Vietnam / Philippines)
  • OCEANA (Australia / New Zealand)

Our Clients are manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, 3PLs, and other companies based in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Oceana.

Whether the need is domestic or global, strategic or tactical, operational or cost improvement, startup or existing business, Weiguo Solutions provides solutions that work.

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Weiguo’s Distribution


With customer service expectations rising at the same time as fuel prices are driving up transport costs, many of the leading businesses operating in Asia are asking if their transport, warehousing, and outsourced operations are:

  • Operating at the lowest possible cost
  • Effectively supporting sales

Over recent years, Weiguo Solutions has received more and more inquiries on transport, warehousing & outsourcing cost reduction, and service improvement with more environmental-friendly practices.

In response, we have progressively strengthened our capabilities in this field and we now offer comprehensive transport review, development, warehouse services, and outsourcing services for our Asia-based clients and clients worldwide. We have decades of combined experience in executive management development.

We have served as an executive representative office in China for major USA product design and manufacturing companies and have served alongside over 50 major logistics companies in Asia. In addition, we have overseas network and capabilities especially in supplier evaluation and sourcing operations management in Asia.

Our Value Added Logistics Unit (V.A.L.U) can take clients from generalized strategy to practical tactics on logistics design engagements. Our solutions enable clients to optimally deliver finished goods to customers without losing sight of business needs or customer requirements


Value-Added Services & Processes

– Lean logistics management
– Warehouse system management implementation
– Value stream & supply chain mapping services
– Logistics processes improvement reviews
– Warehouse process improvement reviews
– Global distribution network
– Benchmarking supply chain and logistics
– Functional audits

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