It’s not easy to make something simple. Weiguo’s diverse and unique set up provides integrated product design for manufacturing and marketability


We have a global perspective on innovation

Western Designers and local engineers provide a global perspective on innovation to ensure the latest technology and trends are incorporated into our products and manufacturing processes. Weiguo manages all the ‘little tweaks and changes from concept sketches to 3D models. Many aspects change during a project’s life, from Industrial, Engineering and even Graphic Design perspective, we can handle it all.


Weiguo’s Design


  • Color
    Color selection
  • Competitive analysis and market research
    SWOT Analysis
  • Forecast (annual)
    Projected forecast for the project, category, style using market research and sales history
  • Product name
  • Project kick-off meeting
    1st design team meeting, product name given, initial product concept record review and agreed upon
  • Product conceptualization & study
    Preliminary sketches, rough photos, the study of ergonomic factors and available technologies
  • The team is assigned to project
  • Concept refinement of selected/nominated concepts
    Refined sketches and 2d renderings
  • Sketch product
  • Tech pack starts
    Initial technical packs created including preliminary BOM & House of Quality
  • 2D drawing
  • Initial vendor requirements determined and possible selection
    Initial vendor requirements and selection discussed and documented during a meeting
  • Tooling Cost (USD)
    Quote tooling cost
  • Unit Price (FOB)
    Quote product FOB cost
  • MOQ
    Review reasonable minimum purchase quantity with vender
  • Tech Pack complete
    Bring to factory to start the project: Drawing, initial QA/inspection standard, packaging requirement

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